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Something usual; of the ordinary kind.

A rarity among the typical; extraordinary and different.

Actor Fanlists

V.18 Cover Boy:

Ardent: Fanlisting for the handsome and talented South Korean actor Jang Dong Gun. Once a model, also a hobby singer, Jang is worldly loved thanks to his leading roles in many major movies, including last summer’s war blockbuster Taegukgi and this year’s Canne’s film festival contender The Promise.

Warrior Spirit: Fanlisting and first English-language site to charming South Korean actor Lee Han Garl. Lee’s popularity is slowly growing outside Korea thanks to his role as the quiet warrior Nalbal in the KBS TV drama The Immortal Lee Soon Shin.
Forever Yu Ji Tae: Fanlisting for the hot, young South Korean actor who starred in the now internationally acclaimed movie Oldboy. Yu is an emotional powerhouse on screen!
Gangan: A fanlisting for Japanese actor Kato Masaya who has starred in international movies such as Beat Kitano’s US-Japanese Brother, the French-Canadian Crying Freeman and the Korean hit Fighter in the Wind.
My Destiny: Fanlisting and small shrine to gorgeous South Korean actor and singer Ahn Jae Mo. Star of the Kdrama A Time of Gangsters and featured in popular films like My Wife is Gangster, Ahn is a rising star!
Tall: Comprehensive fanlisting dedicated to Japanese actor Nakamura Toru. Nakamura’s fame overseas was catapulted thanks to his villainous role in the Hong Kong blockbuster Gen-X Cops.

Seiyû Fanlists

Be My Tabu: Only English webshrine and fanlisting for Sasaki Nozomu, one of Japan’s most popular voice actors. Best source online for info thanks to an overzealous fan!

Boku-tachi no Sedaikara or “From Our Generation”, the fanlisting for JPop-Unit Entertainment Music Unit which consists of five seiyû.
Enerugii: Fanlisting for genki young seiyû and singer, Takahashi Naozumi. Good deal more info than your usual FL, with a review of his only live-action movie credit!
The Rock & Soul Boy: A fanshrine and fanlisting for Canna [Hayashi] Nobutoshi. More than just a seiyû, Canna is also a wonderful singer and songwriter for JR&B, plus a member of EMU!
Like a Dragon: Fanlisting for popular yaoi-seme voice actor, Morikawa Toshiyuki. Lots of information, but the webshrine has not been updated regularly and most likely will only stay basic. Available for adoption!

Equine Fanlists

Dark Lore: the fanlisting for the Black Pearls of the Netherlands, Friesian horses.

Manifest Fire: Fanlisting for Pura Raza Española (Pure Spanish Horse) the magical Andalusian. Good place for beginner information.Animé Websites

Animé Websites

Forbidden: One of few informative (non-yaoi) websites to Naoe Nagi from Weiß kreuz. Created 12/08/2000. Shrine is reaching archived state; rarely updated.

Frost n’ Fire: Indepth look at the badboy character Olba Frost from After War Gundam X. Created 02/18/2001. Shrine is archived and no longer updated.

Heaven’s Burning: A comprehensive page to Celestial Warrior Tasuki from Fushigi Yûgi. Created 12/04/2000. Shrine is archived and no longer updated.

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